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Cara Install Plesk di CentOS 7

Caranya simple coy, cuma gini aja:

yum install wget
chmod +x plesk-installer 

Selanjutnya tinggal next-next (forward) aja, sampe muncul tulisan seperti ini:

Installation is finished
  	The installation has been finished. Plesk is now running on your server.
  	To complete the configuration process, browse either of URLs:
  	Use the username 'admin' to log in. To log in as 'admin', use the 'plesk login' command.
  	You can also log in as 'root' using your 'root' password.
  	Use the 'plesk' command to manage the server. Run 'plesk help' for more info.
  	Use the following commands to start and stop the Plesk web interface:
  	'service psa start' and 'service psa stop' respectively.
  	If you would like to migrate your subscriptions from other hosting panel
  	or older Plesk version to this server, please check out our assistance

The changes were applied successfully.

Artinya proses instalasi selesai. Selanjutnya tinggal dilanjutkan melalui browser dengan mengakses URL yang muncul seperti di atas.

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